Sheila E. Live in Holland - 1984  : ( $8 )

This DVD contains a 39 minute Sheila E. concert
that was broadcast on television in Holland. The
quality is pretty good considering its age. Sheila
put on a great show.

Set List

Shortberry Strawcake, The Belle of St. Mark, Noon
Rendezvous, The Glamorous Life & Too Sexy.

The DVD also includes a 5 minute clip of Sheila &
her band performing on a late night TV show from
the 90s.

Sheila E. Collection - vol 1    :   ( $8 )

This DVD contains 2 hours of Sheila E. TV appearances & music
videos from the 80s & 90's. The quality ranges from good to very
good & it's a nice collection.

1. "Glamorous Life" music video

2. Sheila featured on VH1's "100 Greatest Women"

3. "Glamorous Life" live on 80s award show

4. "A Love Bizarre" music video

5. Drum solo performance from the 80's

6. "A Love Bizarre" live on Saturday Night Live

7. "Holy Rock" live on Saturday Night Live

8. "Sister Fate" live at Disney New Year Celebration

9. 1984 interview

10. 1990's interview

11. 1990's interview

12. Playing drums for Prince in concert

13. "Sex Cymbal ( Remix )" music video

14. "Droppin' Like Flies" live on Arsenio Hall

15. "Lady Marmalade" live & interview on Arsenio Hall
( 1991 )

16. "Droppin' Like Flies" music video

17. Interview on Arsenio Hall & playing drums during
commercial breaks ( 1993 )

18. Playing drums on Salsa Show

19. Sheila E. & other Prince protoges profiled briefly on MTV

20. In Concert Artist Profile : Sheila E

21. "Glamorous Life" music video on Mariah Carey's Favorite
Videos list

22. Sheila on VH1's "Where Are They Now?"

23. Sheila & band performing on The Magic Hour

24. Sheila performing with Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle & other
musicians on The 1998 ALMA Awards

25. "Koo Koo" music video

26. "Funky Attitude" music video ( not complete )

Sheila E. TV Collection- vol 2    :   ( $8 )

This DVD contains another 2 hours of Sheila TV appearances &
music videos. The quality ranges from ok to very good. The DVD
contains :

1. Sheila guest appearing on "V.I.P."

2. Sheila profiled on VH1's "100 Greatest Women"

3. Sheila playing conga drums on Americanos

4. Interview on Video Soul ( 1990's )

5. 1990's interview

6. Performing live in concert

7. Solo drum performance & interview on Jay Leno
( 1990's )

8. "A Love Bizarre" live on 80's TV

9. "Sister Fate" live & interview on Soul Train

10. 1985 interview

11. 1990's interview

12. 1990's interview

13. 1989 interview

14. Sheila & her dad performing on Arsenio Hall

15. Sheila guest appearing on "Cosby"

16. Sheila & band performing on The Magic Hour

17. "Sex Cymbal" music video

18. Sheila playing drums for Wyclef Jean

19. Shela & family playing drums on the Martin Short Show

20. Drum performance live in concert

    Sheila E Collection - vol 3  : ( $8 )

This DVD contains many retro performances from when Sheila
was promoting her first 2 albums. The footage was taken
from the internet, so it is not perfect quality. There is pixelation
in the picture, but it is still quite good considering.
The 1986 Vina Del Mar concert is awesome & a real treat. The
DVD also contains a menu. The DVD is nearly 1 hour & 30
minutes long.

Please visit this link to view samples of the DVD -

The Glamoruous Life live on Musik Laden

The Belle Of St Mark live on Japan TV

The Belle Of St Mark live

The Belle Of St Mark live on The Tube

The Belle Of St Mark live on Countdown

The Belle Of St Mark live on Toppop

Love Bizarre & Merci live on The Tonight Show

Sister Fate, Interview & Love Bizarre on Soul Train

Love Bizarre live on Solid Gold

Erotic City live from Prince documentary on French TV
( Not complete )

Sheila & Mazarati jam session at an afterparty - filmed from the
crowd ( 8 mins long - distorted audio )

1986 Vina Del Mar International Song Festival - Live from Chile.
Sheila performs : Holly Rock, Sister Fate, Olivers House, The
Belle Of St Mark, Bedtime Story, Yellow & Erotic City

1986 Japanese VCR commercial #1 - Sheila performs "Love On
A Blue Train" ( 15 seconds )

1986 Japanese VCR commercial #2 - Sheila performs "Love On
A Blue Train" ( 1 minute )

1986 Japanese VCR commercial #3 - Sheila performs "Hold Me"
( 30 seconds )
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