Mary Jane Girls Collection  :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains a collection of appearances that the Mary Jane Girls made to
promote their albums. It's an awesome collection of footage & very rare. The video
quality of the footage is lower & has pixelation in the picture, because the videos
were taken from the internet. But they are still very viewable & fun to watch. The
Soul Train episode where the girls perform "In My House" & "Shadow Lover" is
EXCELLENT quality & the full episode. It also contains Sheena Easton,
performing "Sugar Walls" & "Strut".

1. All Night Long live on American Bandstand
2. Candyman live on American Bandstand
3. All Night Long live on Soul Train
4. All Night Long live on Top of the Pops
5. Boys live on Solid Gold
6. In My House, an interview & Shadow Lover live on Soul Train
7. In My House live on Motown Awards
8. In My House live on Pat Sajak Morning Show
9. In My House live on American Bandstand
10. Shadow Lover live on American Bandstand
11. Today Show interview from 1985 ( cuts off early )
12. Walk Like A Man music video
13. The Mary Jane Girls Story ( 3 minute special about how the group came to be.
Includes updated interview with Yvette & Ann. )
Sexy Ladies Video Collecion :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains a collection of music
videos by : Mary Jane Girls,
Vanity,Vanity 6, Apollonia & Apollonia
6. The quality of the videos are
Excellent, because they were recorded
from digital tv. They are also Full and
Unedited.  The DVD contains :



In My House

Nasty Girl

He's So Dull

Drive Me Wild ( extended version )

Under the Influence

7th Heaven

Pretty Mess

Sex Shooter

Since I Fell For You
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