KLYMAXX Video Collection  :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains music videos from KLYMAXX. This
DVD also contains the "Bands Reunited" special from
2004, in which the ladies got back together to put on a
one time performance for fans. The quality ranges from
good to excellent.

1. "The Men All Pause" music video

2. "4 The Ole Dawg N U" music video

3. "Man Size Love" music video

4. "Good Love" music video

5. Parody of KLYMAXX on Saturday Night Live
( w/ Halle Berry )

6. "Sexy" music video

7. "Meeting in the Ladies Room" music video

8. "Mr. OJ" music video ( w/ Fenderella
                                  featuring Doug E. Fresh )

9. "I Look Good" music video ( Bernadette Cooper solo )

10. Bands Reunited : KLYMAXX

11. "I Miss You" music video