KLYMAXX Video Collection  :  ( $8 )

This DVD contains music videos from KLYMAXX. This
DVD also contains the "Bands Reunited" special from
2004, in which the ladies got back together to put on a
one time performance for fans. The quality ranges from
good to excellent.

1. "The Men All Pause" music video

3. "Man Size Love" music video

4. "Good Love" music video

5. Parody of KLYMAXX on Saturday Night Live ( w/ Halle
Berry )

6. "Sexy" music video

7. "Meeting in the Ladies Room" music video

8. "Mr. OJ" music video ( w/ Fenderella featuring Doug E.
Fresh )

9. "I Look Good" music video ( Bernadette Cooper solo )

10. Bands Reunited : KLYMAXX

11. "I Miss You" music video